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Hot Diggity Challenge!


Hot Diggity is joining forces with the MSPCA to create a great new space for dogs awaiting their forever homes. And boy do they need it!

Ashley and I visited Laura, the Campaign Director of the Cape Cod MSPCA and were suddenly made aware of how desperately this location needs an upgrade. On the one hand, it was pretty awesome (and quite evident) that the majority of the money donated to the MSPCA goes directly to the care of the animals. On the other, we saw how the animals...

MSPCA's Campaign for Cape Cod

In October 2014, the MSPCA launched the $5 million Campaign for Cape Cod to build and endow a new Animal Care and Adoption Center on our property in Centerville. To date the Campaign has raised more than $2.36 million in gifts and pledges (from 250 donors) and they anticipate a ground breaking early in the Fall of 2016! The continued support of the community is vital to the future of the MSPCA.

Every dollar raised in the community stays in the community and serves the people and animals of Cape Cod....

Pigmentary Uveitis in Golden Retrievers


A HUGE thank you to Dr. Gayle Watkins (breeder of Trix and Ripple) for allowing us to share her words and research. She is dedicated to the advancement of the health and wellness in Goldens and is doing incredible things in the world of dogs. You can read about Gayle and see the work she does at Avidog University, Canine Health Events and at Gaylans Goldens 

An essential part of owning a golden retriever is annual eye exams for a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if that dog comes from...

Calling All Canine Criminals!


This is Trix from Brewster thriving on the raw diet from Hot Diggity!

 The BIGGEST bummer about not being in the stores is I miss out on seeing all my favorite four-legged friends. The next best thing to seeing them in person is to at least see some of them in action. What have your pups been up to? I miss them!

We think it's time to add some new faces to our Mug Shot...

Top 5 Ways to Manage Ticks

The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and the bunnies are busy transporting ticks all over the place. Did you know that a tick, on its own will travel a measly 10 feet or so? They hang out on vegetation and wait for an unsuspecting host to cruise by, then they jump on and start snacking. 

Gross, right?

There are many kinds of ticks, but those found on Cape Cod include deer ticks and American dog ticks. These ticks can spread three main diseases: Lyme's, Babesiosis and Anaplasmosis. While the risk of a tick bite is year round on...

... And we're off!

We are headed to sunny Orlando for Global Pet Expo! This year, we're not only looking for the latest and greatest pet products available, we'll be exhibiting Hot Diggity Designs - our line of quality, unique pet products and accessories for people! 

Although the products have been available in our stores on Cape Cod for a couple years now, we are excited to have the opportunity to share the line with the rest of the world! We are releasing our new bandana designs at the show, but locals can get a sneak peek if you stop by Hot Diggity in...

Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs!

Does anyone remember the song, "Bunny with the Jelly Bean Shoes?" We used to sing it waaaaay back when at Ezra Baker, with Mrs. Mitchell at the piano. Anyone? Every Easter season I just can't get that song out of my head when I start seeing jelly beans in the stores. 

Jelly beans in the stores means our "we've had so many we can't remember" Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs is coming up! 

We have something fun going on this year: now though Saturday, March 26th we are giving away a...

Skunked 101: how to get rid of skunk smell in an hour

Cape Cod, I have some bad news for you. Pepe Le Pew is in town and he's after your dog.

For the past two weeks we have had several skunked dogs come into the shop. I have always joked that skunked dogs are my favorite because owner's are so appreciative of anything and everything you can do for their stinky companions. A smart person, aware that skunks are running about town, would be prepared. I'm not that girl. So, even with fair warning, instead of loading up with an skunk emergency kit, I thought to myself how lucky I was...

Dog Flu Virus - What You Need to Know

You've heard about the dog flu virus, but may not know much about it. Read on to learn how it's contracted, what the symptoms are and what to do if you suspect your dog may have it. 

What is it and how did it get here?

Last spring, the highly contagious canine influenza H3N2 arrived in Chicago by an infected dog traveling from South Korea and since then, thousands of dogs in 26 states have been infected. There is a second Type A canine influenza, H3N8, which originated in horses and has been in the US longer, however it is not easily...

Top Ten Dog Names of 2015!

OK folks, the list is in: Are you ready for the top dog names of 2015? Here goes!
According to the top ten male and females names of 2015 are...

10. Bailey / Tucker

9. Chloe / Bear

8. Sophie / Duke

7. Maggie / Toby

6. Sadie / Rocky

5. Lola / Jack

4. Molly / Cooper

3. Daisy / Buddy

2. Lucy / Charlie

1. Bella / Max


I don't see Trix or Ripple, Winnie or Brinx on the list, but Cooper made...