Really cool, really well made things for you and your pup!

Last Minute Gifts for the DOG

The tree is trimmed, the lights are up, the elf is on the shelf and the shopping is finally done...phew!  What?  You say the shopping is not quite done?  Don't worry, you're in GOOD company here and we've got your last minute, tail wagging, can't miss, always a hit gift ideas for your pups, your grandpups, and all of the other four-legged loves in your life!  

Winter Hats

Talk about cuteness overload, these are attention grabbers!  We love taking our pups for jaunts on the beach in...

Gifts for the Dog Lover

With less than two weeks to go, the race to the holiday finish line is on! We know you have at LEAST one dog lover in your life so head on down to The Digs to pick up one of these gifts that is sure to please!

Messenger Bag

We love this canvas, army green messenger bag sporting the phrases "run fast", "bark loud" and "one nation under dog". Playful and just chic enough to carry to the office! $65


Is there...

Holiday Gift Guide - 10 Under $10


The most wonderful time of the year is here! But let's face it, along with all of the joy and merriment comes gift giving ANXIETY. From family members to teachers to the pet sitter (yes, don't forget the pet sitter!), is it just us or does the list get longer every year?  Over the next few weeks, we'll offer some fun gift ideas for all personalities and price points. Today we start with a collection of items that make little gifts for the kids, teacher (we bet he or she has a dog!), your pet...

8 Great Things To Do with (or for) Your Dog this Season!

This is one of the best times of the year to get out and about with our pups.  The close of summer means the opening of beaches and other off-limits areas to dogs.  And the start of the holiday season means plenty of events to celebrate and support pets!  Here are our picks for 8 great things to do with (and for) your dog this season!

Things to do WITH your pup:


Enjoy the crisp fall air and let your dog explore a new trail filled with tantalizing scents.  We have tons of pristine outdoor...

Hunting Season on the Cape - What you need to know

It’s here – hunting season on Cape Cod.  And if you didn’t think hunting was a big sport on Cape Cod, think again.  Ask around and numerous dog owners will recount close encounters with hunters while out for what they expected to be a carefree hike in the woods. Ashley (Hot Digs co-owner who most of you know) recounts walking young Coop in the woods a few years back and meeting a hunter. “Good thing you had an orange collar on the big brown one (dog)”, he said. “I would have...

Bathing 101

It’s an epic battle: washing our dog in the bathroom tub (or worse, shower stall).  Our dog may end up on the winning end of clean, but we and our bathroom end up on the downside of dirty.

That’s exactly why we opened the Hot Diggity Dog Wash. Our self-serve stations – with elevated stainless steel tubs, a comfy 92 degree pre-set stream of water, natural shampoos and most importantly, no mess to clean – make bathing a breeze.  And of course you know how to wash a dog, but there are a few things...

Back to School...Not just for the kids!

The lazy days of summer will soon be replaced by harried schedules, frantic mornings and car pools to soccer practice. After spending all summer frolicking with the fam, the new schedule might leave your pup confused and lonely. Help get him settled into the new school year with some gear we picked just for him! 

Treat Maze

Keep Him Busy

Keep his mind, his paws and his choppers busy with this interactive game!  Drop treats into the top of the game and let him work to get them out.  The Treat Maze wobbles, rocks and spins,...

Dog Days of Summer Dips!

When the mercury rises, we’re not the only ones who feel the burn. Yeah, we could use this post to remind you of the important things you can do to keep your dog healthy in the heat (plenty of water, no hot cars, watch for hot sidewalks that can scorch paws, etc.) but you guys are responsible pet owners who already KNOW that. And since no dog wants to spend all summer just sitting around in the AC, we went in search of some watering holes where dogs can actually take a dip! 

Here’s a...

Summer Reading List


One of our favorite things about summer is kicking back on the beach with a great read!  And we love ourselves a good book about dogs…you know, the one that makes you laugh, makes you cry, reminds you that you don’t have the only dog who can steal a hamburger off the table in a nanosecond!  We polled our staff and came up with some of our all-time favorite canine tales!

Nicole’s Pic: Merle’s Door by Ted Kerasote

Merle and his unwavering relationship with his owner stole...

Unleashed in Dennis

Our favorite two words at The Digs are Dogs Allowed! With that as our mission, we took off with co-pilot Peyton, a local Bernese Mountain Dog, to check out some of the dog-friendly hot spots in Dennis.

First stop, Fresh Pond Dog Park. This little gem of a dog park right off Route 134 (between Upper County and Rt. 28) was a perfect start. Peyt made some new pals in one of the two fenced-in, sandy enclosures (one yard is big and one is small, presumably for big and small dogs, but there was a nice mix in each). The...