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Hey Summer, we've missed you!

Hey Summer…we’ve missed you!

Memorial Day Weekend….the unofficial start of summer and all things fun!  We trudge through winter just waiting for this weekend to fire up the grills, open the pools and dust off the beach chairs. Your dog has also been trudging through winter waiting to stretch his legs and romp in the sunshine, right? Make this weekend as fun for him as it is for you. We’ve rounded up 5 great ways to help him celebrate the big weekend!

Indulge in Yummy Treats

How adorable are these watermelon bakery goodies? ...

Holiday Gift Guide - 10 Under $10


The most wonderful time of the year is here! But let's face it, along with all of the joy and merriment comes gift giving ANXIETY. From family members to teachers to the pet sitter (yes, don't forget the pet sitter!), is it just us or does the list get longer every year?  Over the next few weeks, we'll offer some fun gift ideas for all personalities and price points. Today we start with a collection of items that make little gifts for the kids, teacher (we bet he or she has a dog!), your pet...

Bathing 101

It’s an epic battle: washing our dog in the bathroom tub (or worse, shower stall).  Our dog may end up on the winning end of clean, but we and our bathroom end up on the downside of dirty.

That’s exactly why we opened the Hot Diggity Dog Wash. Our self-serve stations – with elevated stainless steel tubs, a comfy 92 degree pre-set stream of water, natural shampoos and most importantly, no mess to clean – make bathing a breeze.  And of course you know how to wash a dog, but there are a few things...

Summer Reading List


One of our favorite things about summer is kicking back on the beach with a great read!  And we love ourselves a good book about dogs…you know, the one that makes you laugh, makes you cry, reminds you that you don’t have the only dog who can steal a hamburger off the table in a nanosecond!  We polled our staff and came up with some of our all-time favorite canine tales!

Nicole’s Pic: Merle’s Door by Ted Kerasote

Merle and his unwavering relationship with his owner stole...

Unleashed in Dennis

Our favorite two words at The Digs are Dogs Allowed! With that as our mission, we took off with co-pilot Peyton, a local Bernese Mountain Dog, to check out some of the dog-friendly hot spots in Dennis.

First stop, Fresh Pond Dog Park. This little gem of a dog park right off Route 134 (between Upper County and Rt. 28) was a perfect start. Peyt made some new pals in one of the two fenced-in, sandy enclosures (one yard is big and one is small, presumably for big and small dogs, but there was a nice mix in each). The...

Calling All Canine Criminals!


This is Trix from Brewster thriving on the raw diet from Hot Diggity!

 The BIGGEST bummer about not being in the stores is I miss out on seeing all my favorite four-legged friends. The next best thing to seeing them in person is to at least see some of them in action. What have your pups been up to? I miss them!

We think it's time to add some new faces to our Mug Shot...

Top 5 Ways to Manage Ticks

The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and the bunnies are busy transporting ticks all over the place. Did you know that a tick, on its own will travel a measly 10 feet or so? They hang out on vegetation and wait for an unsuspecting host to cruise by, then they jump on and start snacking. 

Gross, right?

There are many kinds of ticks, but those found on Cape Cod include deer ticks and American dog ticks. These ticks can spread three main diseases: Lyme's, Babesiosis and Anaplasmosis. While the risk of a tick bite is year round on...